Artist photo

I’ve been creating portraits since I was a teenager, when I spent every Saturday attending life drawing and painting classes. I went on to study theatre design at Central Saint Martins College of Art, and then completed a degree in the history of art at University College, London. In my work I’m particularly influenced by historical styles and by my favourite artists, of whom there are too many to mention!

As a portrait artist now based in London, I also work part time as an art director in set design for the film industry where my recent CV includes films such as ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ and ‘No Time To Die’.

Above all I’m fascinated by faces and love drawing them. I’ve been creating portraits commercially since 2008, but each face is unique and I feel that I still learn something with every commission that I undertake! Children’s portraits are a particular favourite because trying to capture something about their particular stage of childhood is always such an interesting challenge.

My goal is to produce portraits that not only have a spot-on likeness but also express my subjects’ personality, and I’m so pleased when customers tell me that I’ve achieved this.

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